Hi! My name is Pipka

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Let’s celebrate my favorite things

together: Almond Cake; my

exclusive Almond Cake Pan;

tried-and-true recipes; original

art - including my famous Santas

- and gifts to inspire and lift

the spirit.

I say, “Let them eat Almond

Cake!” It’s the most delicious,

comforting, and versatile cake

that I bake. Share my Almond

Cake with friends over coffee,

with a neighbor in need of a

smile, or as a gift (with my

exclusive German-made pan).

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Art from the Heart

angel art


When not in my kitchen, I’m

in my studio, where I love to

create beautiful and inspiring art.

Whether through assemblage or

painting, I believe making art is

healing, meditative and fun.



Blame it on Santa - he started it!

Known nationally for my limited

edition Old World Santas, they

symbolize the gifts of hope and

good will to all.

Ho, Ho, Ho!

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The Best Cake!

Baking Tips & Recipes by Pipka

Every month I would Love to Share a baking tip, or a recipe that you can Create for your family.  Sign up Here.

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