The 1st Day of Christmas

It’s now the last of our 12 days of Christmas campaign so for the 1st Day of Christmas I’ve chosen this beautiful, kind faced OLD FATHER CHRISTMAS! Isn’t his face just gorgeous, all rosy cheeked and handsome? This is my own Santa, number 1 out of 4500 and I’m offering it to  you on this 1st Day of Christmas. I’m paring down my personal collection because, after 22 years, I’ve come to realize I can’t possible keep everything I’ve ever designed. My children  and family will get some and I will keep a few choice pieces, the rest will be sold. It’s difficult for me to let go of Old Father Christmas. Not only is his face so dear and his wooly coat and rich gold embroidered dress is so lovely, but he truly is a one of my most elegant Santas.





He holds a staff to help him on his way, his pockets are filled with apples, and gingerbread cookies and the basket weave sack on his back is filled with toys; a doll, an elephant, a  monkey, a circus tent , ship, a book, blocks and bells .  Santa stands next to the very last of our incredible trees! This intricately carved snow covered tree is 15″ tall, the perfect height next to this Memories of Christmas Santa.

The Old Father Christmas was introduced in 2000 and retired in 2001. $750.

The Large Evergreen Tree was also introduced in 2000. It is retired. $150.

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Wishing you a very happy 1st Day of Christmas. Only 12 more days until Christmas Eve!

Love and Blessings!