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Today I’d like to share 4 new Santas with you, our Santas of America collection. These four Santas represent the different areas of the United States.  There’s a Seashore Santa, Southwest Santa, Northwoods Santa and the Patriotic Santa.  All are exquisitely detailed Santas designed with history and stories behind them.  They make a perfect Christmas gift especially for people who say they are “running out of room” as they are only 5 inches high.


The Patriotic Santa is all about our glorious country. No matter what our political issues, we come together as a nation, diverse, strong, devoted to the concepts of our founding fathers.


The Southwest Santa reminds of the rich history of the Southwest. Modern day Hopi and Zuni tribes trace their ancestry back to the Pueblo Indians who settled the Southwest around 9000 BC. Today, ranchers and cowboys work side-by-side with Indians who still practice basket weaving and jewelry making using techniques passed down from their ancestors. We as Americans can be so proud of the heritage the Southwest brings us.


The Northwoods Santa

The northern part of our United States if filled with ancient woods,  deer, moose, rabbits, wolves and birds of all sorts. Campers, hikers and nature lovers from all over our country come to the Northwoods to experience the beauty of its pristine lakes and streams. Our goal is to preserve these areas for our children and grand-children so they too can enjoy the natural wonders of the Northwoods.


The Seashore Santa

Who doesn’t enjoy the sunshine, beach and  sand that are along the shores of this great country. We are inexplicably drawn to water. Children love to build sand castles, gather rocks and dip their toes into incoming waves. Although we associate Christmas with snow, Santa does visit children all over the world living on islands and seashores. Christmas is Christmas everywhere!


 “Gramma, can I just stick my toe in?”. Well, you can see how long that lasted. Lake Michigan’s freezing water didn’t deter her one bit!

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