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YESTERDAY, DECEMBER 6TH, was the feast day of St. Nicholas, the saint whose goodness and charitable works inspired the story of Santa Claus. I hope all little children received a nice surprise in their shoes from St. Nicholas when they awoke in the morning.  St. Nicholas Day really keeps the wonder and anticipation of Christmas alive in children’s minds and adds to their excitement as Christmas approaches.



In many European countries,  children receive their Christmas presents from the Christ Child. An angel may accompany the little Babe and it’s not unusual to find an angel feather by the tree. However, as the world gets smaller, and much to my disappointment, more and more countries are adapting the customs of the  American  Santa Claus bringing  the gifts. I love the old customs and am saddened to see traditions become so homogenized.  However, I wanted to compromise in my design of SANTA AND THE CHRIST CHILD so I made the ” Santa Claus” a little old fashioned with his long coat and slender build. In this instance, Santa is giving a gift to the Christ Child, thereby bringing the true meaning of Christmas into the design. The little Babe reaches his arms up, not just to receive the Teddy Bear, but to receive the gift of Christmas celebration from every culture and country. Santa and the Christ Child reminds me of the harmony and peace that is Christmas.

May this Christmas season , and the Christ Child, bring you peace and joy.



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