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The 8th Day of Christmas


On the 8th day of Christmas, I thought I’d share 8 of my favorite Santas with you, although I have to admit I love every one I have ever designed.  These 8 are still available to order.  Above are the Canadian Santa,  Antarctic Santa, Peace to All Santa, Springerle Santa, Sweet Santa and Rescue Santa. Each Santa I design has a story behind it. As an artist, I don’t try to create something “cute” or something that will “sell”. It has to go deeper than that, have meaning or be inspired by a story, a memory, a tradition. This year’s Peace To All Santa was inspired by all that is going on around us in the world. We need to be reminded of peace, of the lion and lamb laying down together, of accepting each others differences and celebrating our individual customs, traditions and cultures. Santa is truly all about Peace, a well loved figure in almost every country in the world. There is no discrimination for Santa. Every child, every person matters.

santa_memories_santa_teddySanta and Teddy is one of my favorites pieces. Who doesn’t like Teddy Bears? Santa certainly does! My grand-daughter always looks for him when she comes to visit for Christmas.  Another favorite of mine is the Rescue Santa. I truly believe that children and animals deserve our protection, love and care. Both are dependent on what we do or don’t do.  Rescue Santa is a reminder that many animals in shelters need homes. Not just the cute little puppies and dogs, but the older, forgotten animals that aren’t quite as cute as a baby animal but have all the love and hope in their eyes that we could ever ask for. Albert Einstein said you can tell what a nation is like by how it treats its animals.  Did you know that in the Netherlands, mistreating an animal is a criminal offense? They have NO STRAY DOGS or pets, every animal is cared for. That just warms my heart.


The Good News Santa is another of my very favorites. He’s an old guy, designed in 1996.  At home, I display him on a Bible on  my coffee table, reminding me of the GOOD NEWS of Christmas, Christ’s birth, peace and love to all. You might have noticed that many of my old world Santas carry toys that are not wrapped . That’s because people didn’t have decorative papers in the old days. Toys were just placed under the tree without any wrapping. Treats like apples or oranges were placed in a small paper plate  along with candies and nuts. My 95 year old Mother recalls taking a bite out of an orange in her Christmas plate, expecting to taste a nice juicy orange, only to find it was made of marzipan. Not at all what she was expecting but a good memory, nevertheless.

What is your favorite Santa?  Why? What is your favorite Christmas memory? Post it on my facebook page, PIpkas of Door County or Pipkas Cottage, and Debbie and I will send a Santa for the story with the most likes. Have a wonder-filled day!


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