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The Tenth Day of Christmas


Care Packages by Michelle Mackintosh

 How often have  you heard someone say, “Oh, this is too pretty to open!” as they proceed to find the gift inside. I’ve always thought the wrapping of a gift as important as what’s inside. Besides, it’s so much fun to make a creative pretty package without having to run out to buy expensive papers and ribbons. Here’s a wonderful book to help get the creativity flowing. Packages wrapped like this will surely delight the recipient. Every page in CARE PACKAGES is in full color with full instructions, patterns and ideas on how to pack up everything….not just Christmas! CARE PACKAGES $24.99, free shipping.

Thank you for supporting our small business! We do our best to give  you specials, free shipping and ideas. Go to my Facebook page, Pipka’s Cottage, for an idea of how to package the Almond Cake for a gift. Have a GREAT DAY!



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