Collage is the art of cutting, pasting and gluing images onto a surface to create a work of art. Having just celebrated a BIG birthday, I have been thinking about my life and come to the conclusion that life is big COLLAGE. My experiences, OUR experiences, are layered, one upon another, to create who we are today as women. Layered, textured, pasted over, changing with each layer, we are all beautiful original works of art. As we get older, we might not feel so beautiful. We may even feel invisible. I know I have. Some days I look in the mirror and ask myself, “Who is that person staring back at me?” Where did those wrinkles come from? The grey hair? That lone hair on my chinny-chin-chin? YIKES! Well, LADIES OF A CERTAIN AGE, I’ve got news for you! We are the SEEKERS, GATHERERS, the CREATORS of our own lives. Inspiration has NO EXPIRATION date! We have EARNED wrinkles from tears and laughter. We are not invisible, we SHINE! We shall PLUCK that hair from our chinny-chin-chin!Join me on this journey a we find and share ways to be creative and inspired. We’ll share stories, experiences and tips on how to celebrate each day as a new beginning, TOGETHER.