Do you have grey hair? Do you like it? I asked several grey-haired women how they feel about their color, and if it makes them feel old. With 50 shades of grey, whether or not a woman likes it seems to depend upon the amount of grey in her hair and whether it's blending with her original color.

There are a whole lot of women who DO NOT LIKE GREY HAIR - PERIOD - 50 shades or not. “I’m invisible,” one woman told me, “since I let my hair grow out.” Another said, “People just ASSUME you’re old if you have grey hair." For those who are content with grey hair, almost everyone said, "I just got tired of dyeing it.”

While doing my informal survey, I noticed that there are many 30- to 40-year-old “young” women who look fabulous with grey hair ... because they are YOUNG. But, there are just as many older women who look FABULOUS with grey hair because they take good care of their WHOLE SELVES.

I’ve toyed with the idea of going grey several times these past few years. When my dyed hair starts to grow out ... yikes! It looks terrible. Grey in front, white on the sides, except for a big white spot in the back, and nothing at the nape of the neck. After a visit to the beauty shop, I just feel more like ME. So it’s a personal choice. Either way, if you do what makes you comfortable, you’ll be confident and that will show up as BEAUTIFUL matter no what color your hair is.

The following are a few fashion tips I've learned about embracing the choice of grey hair. Grey hair requires a new wardrobe. Don’t wear white unless you are very tan or are wearing a colorful scarf or necklace. Wear dangling earrings. You’ll need to apply a little more makeup. And, don’t even think of leaving the house without lipstick on those pretty lips!