Hearts are a timeless symbol of love. I’ve used heart images in my art throughout my career, beginning with simple hearts and tulips in my early folk art days; to heart collages, cards and paintings in subsequent years.

Recently, I completed a series of heart collages made up of antique heart-shaped tart molds into which I assembled beads, buttons, medals and clock parts. Just as we fill up our own hearts with daily experiences and emotions, my collages are overflowing with layers of discarded, used and unwanted items, which find new life in a new medium. One can look at them and imagine their own story of where that medal came from, who prayed on the pink rosary, or wore the watch whose parts are now scattered throughout my designs.

One of my favorite books is “Monday Hearts” by Page Hodel. The author, as an act of selfless love, made a heart every Monday for her partner who was diagnosed with a terminal illness. You can see her beautiful hearts at www.heartsformadelene.com

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