Cupcakes are the perfect portion size for birthdays, weddings, and large family get-togethers. I like to make them with my Almond Cake batter, adding a generous amount of icing on top, and then decorating them with a theme to match an occasion. It could be as simple as lemon zest for my Almond Lemon cupcakes inspired by, or a circle of blueberries for my Almond Blueberry cupcakes.

I also like to add fun little cut-out decorations that I stick into the top of the cupcake with a toothpick. Even a little flag that says “Hi!,” or “Happy Birthday!” suddenly makes the cupcake into a special gift with a message. Adding that something extra will put a big smile on the face of the person receiving the cupcake.

Fun cupcake decors like pinwheels, a children’s birthday party, and mermaids are now available in my Sister Bay shop and will be featured online soon!

To those who are my email list, I’ve sent links for free downloads of my original cake decorating cut-outs, like Goats on the Roof, Merry Cherry, and Heart of America. Next week, I’ll be sending another free kit to my email subscribers to print and enjoy. This one is Dog Days of Summer! Before long, playful pooches can prance and fetch on top of your cupcakes or Almond Cake! Just sign up on the right.

Have fun baking and decorating your cupcakes! And giving them away!

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