Summer is coming to an end with the recent appearance of the early signs of fall. In Door County, our September days have been warm and caressing, while the nights are so cool it makes me want to cozy up with a soft sweater and a good book. I love the brilliant colors of fall leaves: the oranges, golds, and deep reds that mix with more neutral tones of grey and taupe. The oak and maple trees provide brilliant splashes of color with evergreen trees as their complementary backdrop. Every year, I fall in love with fall all over again. It’s no wonder that this season is the favorite of many visitors to our peninsula.


Oak tree in fall color in my backyard.
This is a beautiful oak tree in fall color in my backyard.

It’s probably no surprise that fall also whets my appetite for comfort foods‚ąíhearty dishes and sweetly satisfying desserts. Over the years, I’ve created recipes that are simple additions to my Original Almond Cake recipe. One of my fall favorites is my Apricot Upside-Down Almond Cake. The orange apricots and golden cake make a delicious dessert that beautifully reflects the warm, rich colors of the season. In addition to the apricots, the crunch of pecans makes it even more suitable for a perfect fall comfort dessert. I’d love to share my Apricot Upside-Down Almond Cake Dessert with you! For this recipe and more, please sign up for my email list to the right of my blog. I hope that you enjoy a glorious fall!

Apricot upside-down cake
Apricot upside-down cake is a perfect fall dessert.


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