Paris, one of the world’s most beautiful cities, also has some of the world’s most beautiful and delicious pastries. Entering a patiserrie is like entering an art gallery, each cake a work of art, each macaroon the color of a soft rainbow. There is a quiet awe when gazing at the perfect pastries and deciding which one to choose. I like to choose two because, well, you’re only in Paris once or once in a while.

Paris pastries, while beautiful, are not overly sweet, rather light and delicate, like nibbling on a cloud. Paris pastries must been eaten slowly, savored, placing the fork down between each bite while the flavors work their way into your consciousness.

Layer upon layer of flavor brings you to a state of pastry ecstacy and bliss. Lemon curds; ripe, sweet strawberries and light as a cloud whipped cream elevate all the senses and make you happy to be alive.

Many Paris pastries are filled with fruits of the season and Parisian bakers are famous for adding unusual flavors to their curds and fillings such as anise or liquers.

A hot Paris afternoon will find people standing in line outside Amorino gelato where each waffle cone is filled with organic gelato that has been shaped into a rose by highly trained servers. Like everything else in Paris, the gelato must be beautiful!

You might be wondering, “How can a person stay thin eating so many pastries?” There are volumes written about Parisian women who eat well and look even better! I think it’s all the walking, the stopping between bites for conversation, taking life slow, and enjoying everything around you. It’s such a lovely way to live … and eat. I leave you with a kiss … and hope you enjoy and savor your next pastry.

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