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Okay. I know it might sound archaic to suggest you write a letter when texting is the “in” thing. But let me just say this: When I get a handwritten note or letter from someone, it means so much more to me than a text.

It means the person took the time to choose fine paper or a special card, to buy a pretty stamp, and to think carefully about what she wanted to write.

Adding special touches to a letter like calligraphy, sketches or photographs surprises the receiver with art in an envelope. I am a paper junkie. I have cards, stationery and stamps all over my office. I have pens and pencils in all sizes and colors.

To give a letter even more drama, I recommend the Premium 3 Colors Gel Pen Set – White, Gold and Silver Gel Ink Pens. These pens allow you to get the look of scratch art on black or dark papers, as well as highlighting other types of illustration, including Adult Coloring Books.

I also love the book Inkspired: Creating Calligraphy by Betty Soldi. I’m not a calligrapher but I’ve taken online classes on lettering just because it’s fun and inspiring and pretty.

I have a friend who glues one of her photographs on a blank card and sends it off with a quick note inside like, “I miss you” or “Best Friends Forever!” She makes my day brighter just knowing she is thinking of me.

Another friend has developed her own style of writing that is made up of so many graceful flourishes that she has been commissioned to address wedding invitations and personalize Christmas ornaments. An envelope addressed by her is a gift in itself.

Writing a letter, a note, or a card doesn’t have to be time consuming. It can be one page, a short note, or a big THANK YOU. Like all things we do for others, the gift is really to ourselves because we get to think of that person as we are writing. That is reaching out and connecting with someone in a very special, personal way.