My Almond Cake Pan Versus The “Other Pan”

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My Almond Cake Pan is the secret to baking my simple Almond Cake perfectly.

I’m from Germany, a country that prides itself on some of the best cakes in the world.

I have my Almond Cake Pan manufactured in Germany by a company that has a 5 star reputation among professional bakers. The specially coated pan releases delicious cakes easily ensuring a perfectly baked cake every time.  That’s probably why I’ve sold thousands of my Almond Cake pans over the years to so many happy bakers.

The “Other Pan”…and there are some copies out there…is an imitation of the real thing. Bakers using the “other pan”  have told me the cake doesn’t release as easily, leaving portions of the cake in the pan.  Sometimes the cake is not baked evenly. So I tried it out and they were right! It’s not the same. Yes, the “Other Pan” is cheaper but it’s also a cheaper quality.

You’ll find my Almond Cake Pan will give you the best cake every time you bake. In fact, many of my customers have bought extra pans so they can bake several cakes at a time! Don’t settle for a copy! Get the real thing that thousands of my customers rave about, Pipka’s Almond Cake Pan! Happy Baking!