Fall, Fun & Food

by | Oct 22, 2019 | Life | 0 comments

Fall. Mother’s Nature’s reminder that change is in the air. And while change can be difficult, stressful and scary, Mother Nature shows us that change can be gorgeous, exciting and fun. The trees burn in the evening sun and sidewalks are scattered with gold dancing leaves as we prepare for early darkness and cozy nights.

Today it is raining and the wind is howling! The leaves really are dancing, clinging to their branches but the wind will win out. It’s the day after Fall Fest in Sister Bay, a perfect day to stay home, cozy under a blanket, reading a book   https://www.amazon.com/Where-did-all-pumpkins-preschoolers-ebook/dp/B07JF8KH3Y/ref=sr_1_18?keywords=books+about+halloween&qid=1571690095&sr=8-18 or watching a movie, resting after a sun-filled, fun-filled weekend that had most of us business owners working 16 hours a day.  

Oh but what fun it was to see the children with their funny painted faces and silly hats.

Angel and Ava wore matching witch hats and I found my old relic in the attic and donned it for the event. We got them at Sendick’s in Milwaukee but you can also find cute hats at Target. https://www.target.com/p/women-39-s-deluxe-iridescent-bow-hat-halloween-costume-accessory-hyde-38-eek-boutique-8482/-/A-75667828

Ava and I made Almond Cake Cupcakes and tried to master the art of swirling frosting. We decorated them with Meri Meri cupcakes toppers, https://www.amazon.com/Meri-Halloween-Cupcake-Kit/dp/B00ZGDS2MO/ref=sr_1_28?hvadid=77721854384923&hvbmt=be&hvdev=c&hvqmt=e&keywords=meri+meri+cupcake+toppers&qid=1571689537&sr=8-28 which we love!

Have a cozy, fun, yummy fall!