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Baking has always been my passion but so has creating art. After I left my hand-painted furniture business in Minneapolis to move to Door County, my life took an unexpected turn.

One day, snowbound in my cottage studio, I painted a wood cutout Santa for my mother as a gift. He was an Old World Santa dressed in a blue coat decorated with gold trim and hearts, and he held many toys. My mother treasured him. From that time on, I became interested in the history of Santas from different countries and thus began my Santa painting career. They were always painted on wood cutouts, called “dummy boards.”’ These were the Santas I showed to Prism, then a new national gift company, when they came to visit me in Door County. The rest is history. They manufactured my Santa figurines and for 25 years we sold them throughout the country as limited edition collectibles.

This year, I am offering a few of my original Santa wood cutouts for sale. These sweet old men are a little tired but the colors are brilliant and Santa’s eyes have a twinkle that is full of charm and a special price. I have held on to them for decades but now it’s time to say goodbye to these dear companions who have given me so much joy and opportunities. You may visit them on this site at