Let’s Share!

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Share (sher)… to partake of, use, experience, occupy, or enjoy with others

I started this blog thinking I wanted to invite you to my new Let’s Share page on my website, but then I got off on a tangent about weight and dieting that seems to be the focus of our national media in January. After all our holiday entertaining and eating, baking, cookies, egg nog, etc., it does seem fitting to cut back a little…doesn’t it? I know I OVER INDULGED! So this month I’ll share MY version of healthy eating and living with you.

You’ve probably noticed that t.v. commercials and magazines are full of ideas to loose weight and get healthy. I particularly like the women’s magazine covers whose bold headlines scream out “How to lose 10 pounds in 2 days” while showing a huge color photo of a 6 layer chocolate cake oozing chocolate frosting. Hmmmm. While I love baking (you know I do), it’s obvious that these messages are subliminally defeating if a person wants to lose weight or just get healthy.

For me, “taking care of myself” definitely means exercising and eating healthy but the eating healthy part tends to be monotonous or bland. How do you put flavor into simple foods? Well, I’ve discovered a not-so-secret way to do that..I joined NOOM. It’s a VERY fun, encouraging, engaging app that takes you on a journey to healthy eating. No strings attached. Just good fact-based tips and recipes that motivate healthy eating. And, well, healthy living. Did I mention it’s really FUN? Who would have thought! I love getting up in the morning and “talking” to NOOM. It starts the day out on the right path. Whether you’d like to lose weight or just have a bunch of new delicious recipes, give NOOM a try. And share any recipes you like on my Let’s Share page on my website! There, I did manage to get back to Share.

Happy, Healthy January!