A Day at Pebble Beach

by | Jun 6, 2020 | Life | 0 comments

Life in Door County is one pleasant surprise after another. Some 40 years ago, my husband kidnapped me and brought me to Door County. As we drove into our home in Ephraim, I saw white, what looked like kleenex, all over our wooded lot. I thought, “who threw tissues all over our yard?” As we got out of the car, I walked through the woods to see that the “tissues” were trilliums. Hundreds of their beautiful white faces covered the forest floor. What a surprise! What awesome happiness! I had never seen such a profusion of wildflowers in the city I came from. That day I began my love affair with Door County. Later, my husband took me to a little known cove called Pebble Beach. Famous for its white washed rocks and pebbles, this beach captured my heart as I spent hours looking for the perfectly round rock, which was usually in the water, and pressed sun warmed smooth rocks against my face, like a massage. We don’t have seashells in Door County but we do have the most beautiful rocks I’ve ever seen. The water is crystal clear in this little cove and in August the Northern Lights are a dancing dome in the sky as we watch from the beach. . Pebble Beach is past the cemetery on a dead end road by Little Sister Resort in Sister Bay. Maybe take one rock home as a memory of this magic place, but leave the rest for others. The rest of the world will disappear as you Play, Sit and Dream on this magical beach.