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Over 20 years ago, I was at an open air market in Schwabisch Hall, Germany. A group of customers were standing by a table where a vender was selling local honey. Suddenly, a very fat bee buzzed around the table and everyone stood back…not because they were afraid to get stung, but because the people knew bees were already an endangered species. We watched for a while as the bee buzzed over the jars of honey, then flew off to the nearby flower stand.

Today we are all more aware of the importance of bees and the necessity to protect them. Not only do they pollinate all our foods, they make the most amazing food on earth…honey. We love to eat it, bake with it and use it to sweeten our tea. Honey is medicinal and delicious. Bees are our life force.

Recently I became acquainted with the Savannah Bee Company in Georgia. They are huge supporters of bee keepers, bee projects and bee education. They even have a bee therapy house where guests can relax and benefit from the vibrations of the honey bees. I was so taken with their philosophy and delicious honey that I’m now carrying it in my shop.

We will be offering raw honey comb (delicious!), honey straws, Acacia honey, Tupelo honey, Black Sage honey, Lavender honey, Orange Blossom honey, and Saw Palmetto honey. In addition, we have a variety of adorable honey pots with dippers and brass bee spoons to help add sweetness to your life! You can order this beautiful honey and honey pots at

Get the recipe for Lavender Macarons with Honeycomb Buttercream, pictured above, at

Notes of interest:

* Each pound of honey represents 2 million flower visits.

*Each hive will visit more than 500 million flowers annually. That’s 50 trillion flower visits.

*Bees help pollinate one in every three bites of delicious food we are lucky enough to eat.

* Honeycombs have been found in 4000 year old Egyptian tombs, still edible. Honey will not spoil.

* has valuable information about beekeeping in our community.