Not Missing The Time Before

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Life These Past Four Months by Donna Johnson

Who would have imagined our world as it is now? While we have had to do without many things, we also have been blessed with the opportunity to re-evaluate, re-connect, and appreciate simple things we tend to overlook when caught up in whirlwind lives. Among the things with which I have re-connected is photography with my humble iPhone, giving me the opportunity to appreciate the beauty that surrounds me here in Door County. I have been taking photos of flowers, trees, birds, the sky and sharing a photo daily on Facebook. Rather than getting caught up in the maelstrom of bad news pervasive in our media, I start my Facebook day with a positive thought and a beautiful photo.

I’ve also been able to re-connect with family and friends with whom I had lost touch. It has been gratifying to know my small effort has brought enjoyment to those viewing my photos and positive posts. It was during this time that I came to the realization of what a gift this unplanned, forced downtime was! And that led to the following poem:

Not Missing the “Time Before”


surrounded by stillness

I pause to listen to the

gently falling rain

struck by an appreciation

of simple things

things glossed over

in the “Time Before”

before “Stay at Home”

and COVID-19

rushing to this and that

ever busy to the point of distraction

but now

no work

no appointments

no concerts

no plays

connections mostly electronic

give me the luxury of time

time to stop, to nap, to refresh

time to sit on the deck and delight

in the parade of birds feasting on seeds

flash of gold finch

brilliance of indigo bunting

scarlet cardinal and his drab mate

no nonsense black and white chickadees

humble brown chipping sparrow in its orange cap

the hairy woodpecker and its bigger flashier cousin

the pileated woodpecker

house finches looking like they flew

through strawberry jam

being able to stop along the highway

to photograph the newly emerged cherry blossoms

red bud, star magnolia, forsythia, lilacs

and the greening of trees

oh, what I would have missed if

I were still in the “Time Before”

- Donna Johnson -