Sunday is Market Day

by | Aug 20, 2020 | Life | 0 comments

How do you spend your Sunday mornings? Donna and I have started a ritual of getting up early to have our breakfast and coffee in front of the t.v. to watch CBS Sunday Morning. Angel takes her first morning nap as we watch the uplifting stories. Then it’s time to get dressed and drive over to Bailey’s Harbor for the Sunday Market where this Sunday, baby Alpacas were the focus of everyone’s attention.

Here is a little white baby Alpaca who needed to rest after being petted by all the children (and adults) and a playful little brown baby who thought it would be fun to pounce on Mama Alpaca.

The babies are so adorable that, although it was a sunny 83 degrees outside with an equal amount of humidity, I almost bought an Alpaca sweater, but decided to wait for a cooler day. Oh my, those sweaters were as soft as these little babies!

The Sunday Market is filled with vendors selling everything from vegetables, plants and chocolate to flowers, flowers, and flowers, our particular favorite purchase of the week. Although the handmade chocolate is a close second. Everyone knows that flowers and chocolate go well together. Right?

The lavish colorful bouquets are assembled on the spot by ladies who have artistic eyes! Every week we each buy a huge bouquet for only $5 – $10 each. Then we go home and spend quiet moments at the sink with our flowers, snipping the ends, cleaning the stems of any unwanted leaves and choosing our vases. It’s a meditative process that leaves us feeling relaxed and peaceful. The house is full of beautiful flowers for another week!