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Are you fortunate enough to live near a big lake? My village is on the shores of Lake Michigan, one of the largest of the five Great Lakes. Like so many of places in our country, Lake Michigan was named by an Indian tribe, in this case, the Ojibwa, who called Lake Michigan ” Michi Gami”, meaning “large lake.” And large it is! Lake Michigan has over 22,000 miles of shoreline dotted with villages, cities, light houses, sand dunes, beaches, rock caves and contains multiple islands including, Washington Island, just off the northern tip of Death’s Door (that’s another story) in Door County. 

But tonight, my family and I are sitting quietly on a bench, eating ice cream cones as we watch the sunset at The Marina in Sister Bay. It’s a cloud covered evening but as the sun starts to sink into the silver waters of Lake Michigan, it gives up its last golden rays in a show of brilliant beauty.

There’s a softness to the sky, this evening. A quiet. The water is calm and people seem to be talking in whispers and loitering along the dock slowly, the bustle of the day forgotten. Although there is a greyness on the horizon, strands of coral and purple filter through the blanket of clouds.

A few boats are still gliding over the water, starboard to the sunset while a couple enjoys the last few rays of the day. It’s very peaceful, a place to and moment that invites lingering.

 As we walk along the dock, looking at all the beautiful boats and yachts, Angel poses for one more photo before we go home, memories of the day filling us with contentment, knowing we will sleep well tonight and Michi Gami will be here again tomorrow for another sunset.