Inside Outside

by | Mar 29, 2021 | Life | 0 comments

 Today was filled with our ubiquitous Door County cloudy skies. Although it seems dismal, the truth is there is a certain beauty and calmness in the muted tones of sky and land. No glaring sunshine or blaring reds, pinks and golds. Just soft, quiet, contemplative hues of subdued color. In fact, HGTV and magazines seem to be favoring these colors in their decorating trends. Grey is THE new color for house and home.


Color trends tend to reflect society’s current moods. It’s not hard to see that the past few years have made some of us feel a little  grey, drab (?) and muted. So much upheaval and controversy has been sensory overload for many of us leaving us looking for the nearest soothing spot to lick our wounds. Muted colors calm the mind and soul, quiet our inner voices and allow us to take a deep breath. As we exhale, we feel lighter, more grounded, more like our happy selves. We can find these soothing places in nature.

We can see the beauty in the most mundane if we stop…and look closely. The dormant sumac bush has furry bark reminding me of a deer’s antlers. It’s branches make a lace-like pattern against a foggy background. Everything is quiet, muted; the only sound may be that of a nearby rabbit scurrying through  fallen leaves.

Greys are not really drab. They can be very light in tone, have a touch of blue and are perfect backdrops for texture and accent colors; think of the moss of a fallen branch or the burnt sienna of fallen autumn leaves. In the same way, we can think of our grey moods. They can be soothing and healing if we see the beauty in them. We have textures and accent colors within ourselves which we can draw upon when we need them. I like to think of a happy moment as my colorful accent to a grey mood. Watching the birds at the bird feeders makes my heart soar, no matter what the weather is outside! You might be lifted by a favorite piece of music, a telephone call from one of your children or a piece of warm fresh baked pie. Savoring the moment as well as our blessings make grey beautiful! It’s what is inside of us that determines how we will live our days. We can chose to redecorate our inner houses at any time.

The sun will always shine again.