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This is the place to go when you need a break from the world….

Tucked into the woods in northern Door County, there is a magical place called The Clearing. Driving through the entrance of the property along its winding roads is like entering another more peaceful world.  Founded in 1935 by landscape artist, Jens Jensen, The Clearing is a folk art school and retreat nestled in forests and meadows on a bluff overlooking the pristine waters of Green Bay.

The school is the stuff of legends. Classes are taught throughout the year by professional teachers and artists; photography, weaving, glass fusing, and painting, to name just a few. Residents can stay in cosy cottages, enjoy hikes along the bluff and partake in delicious homecooked meals. Gatherings around a bonfire under the stars end each day and ensures a good night’s sleep. It truly is a retreat to clear one’s mind of the outside world.

Angel and I enjoyed a hike along the bluff.  Don’t look down if you are afraid of heights, but if  you do, you’ll see water so clear you can see fish swimming along the shore. Gnarled and bent pines hug the cliffs, their roots crawling out to the paths in all twisted and turned shapes. Everything is quiet except the sound of the water washing to shore and birds chirping everywhere. This is their territory and they seem to sing all day long.

You can find a catalog of Classes online at You are invited to hike the grounds weekends, which is what I did in these photos. It was so quiet, it really did clear my mind. That night, as I was falling asleep, images of that beautiful afternoon at The Clearing filtered through my dreams.