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The power and symbolism of flowers goes back to ancient times. Flowers have been our messengers, conveying our feelings when words aren’t enough.

For centuries artists have painted flowers evoking the highest of human passions; love, death, joy, sadness. Van Gogh loved to paint the flowers in the countryside, putting life and emotion into his work. Other artists painted flowers in vases, layering their compositions with patterns and texture for a rich depth.

Today’s artists use collage, oils, watercolors, acrylics, or all three, in their depiction of flowers. We can purchase prints of the great masters as well as those of contempory artists. Flowers continue to inspire artists and viewers alike as can be seen in their prolific use in home decor, fashion, advertising and all sorts of paper goods.

Flowers are a thing of extraordinary beauty. I have lavender tulips on my table and inside each tulip is a blue star. How amazing is that?

It’s impossible to be sad or grumpy when a cheerful bunch of flowers greet you as you walk in the door. Whether flowers are in our gardens or on our tables, life is just a little brighter when we surround ourselves with nature’s beautiful messengers. Flowers.