by | Sep 12, 2021 | Life | 0 comments

When is the last time you spent a day just putzing? Not doing much. Observing. Meandering.
Without purpose.
Just being.

Days like that are rare.

Even when on a vacation we are motivated to see as much as we can, visit the galleries,
savor the food at the latest new
hike the trails in the park,
visit friends, swim,
attend a play,
a museum.
We arrive back home exhausted.

Yet, once in a while, I stop.The sight of a beautiful sunset makes me stand in awe.
The sun over a harvested field, smelling like fresh hay, invites me to take a deep breath.
The wind is just a soft breeze, blowing gently through my hair.
A fallen leave fits perfectly in my mother’s porcelain dish
while stones float in fresh rain water on the patio table.

A feather is found and saved.

The summer garden has come to an end except for a few lingering flowers. And bushes of parsley, lavender and thyme, perfect
additions to an aromatic bouquet to set on the kitchen counter.

How lovely to do not much. To be still. To give myself a few
moments. I might even take an afternoon nap.
Nothing is worth more than this day.
This moment.

Won’t you join me?