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Change is challenging and exciting. Change is diving into the unknown. Where is this path leading? Who am I now without my beautiful little store and all the wonderful people who graced me with their presence?

After 45 years in business, I closed my retail shop last January. That was hard! Although I don’t have a retail space anymore, I found a great space for an office. After painting, cleaning and designing the space with new furniture, I moved into my pretty office where I can write, create, and ship orders.
I also brought a little of the Pipka’s shop with me.

Teapots sitting on top of my shelves remind me of the kitchen area in the shop where people would gather around the table, nibbling on samples of Almond Cake. A few of my antique glass cake stands sit on another shelf, no cake on them now, but happy memories, nevertheless, of when we served a variety of cakes and cookies to customers during special events. Cookbooks line the shelves next to rows of extracts ready to be shipped along with lotions, cards, cake pans and trays.
It feels good to have inventory on the shelves and still share items I love with my mail order customers.

I love going to my office every day. It’s a light airy minimal space with sun filtering through the windows and art on the walls. There are no distractions. I feel peaceful there.

A printer resides down the hall and a computer wizzard is next door. I am surrounded with creative people who are always ready to help me out or print up my latest creations.

One my favorite items in my office is the collaged poster of Paris I created espcially for this new space. It reminds me that there is more to life than work. There are other places to visit and experience, beautiful things to see, delicious foods to taste, memories to share.

It’s time to make new dreams come true.