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What is creative Journaling?

It’s an incredibly personal experience.

It’s your own expression, growth and insight
on paper.

It’s your gratitude.

It’s just you and your papers, photos, old and new,
found and used.

It’s exciting, beautiful, inspiring.
It’s peaceful, meditative.

It’s your soul speaking to you.

You ARE the artist, author, writer, creator
of each page.

There is NO right or wrong.


What materials will you need?
Paper, scissors, glue stick, ephemera,
bits and pieces. Pens, pencils, colors.
Or just one pencil. It’s up to you.

Listen to your soul.

Begin your journey today.

“The creative process is a process of surrender, not of control.”
– Julia Cameron

“ I use my journal to write down the names of the books I have finished reading each year.” – Jackie

“ My journal is a Gratitude journal. Each evening before going to bed
I write down 3 things I am grateful for.” – Sharon M.

“My journal is full of pictures I’ve cut out of magazines and quotes that inspire me.” – Linda J.