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Last week I baked 8 cakes. Five of them were Almond Cakes made with recipes from my Almond Cake Recipe Booklet.

Almond Cake with Apricots and Apricot filling.
Almond Cake with Door County Cherries & Chocolate chips.
Almond Cake with Fresh Blueberries.
Almond Cake with Cinnamon Streusel.
Gluten Free Almond Cake.
Classic Almond Cake.

This was really fun because it was SO EASY! I baked two cakes at a time. I measured the dry ingredients in separate little bowls, melted the butter in separate measuring cups (in the microwave), kept the eggs at room temperature and added the the almond extract to the milk. So all I had to do was mix everything up with my hand mixer, then fold in the extra ingredients. I baked cakes in the oven for 40 minutes, let them cool for 8 minutes then popped ithen out of the pans to continue cooling. I wrapped the cooled cakes in plastic wrap and placed them in the freezer.

Later I took the cakes to Saturday’s Farmer’s Market where every single piece of cake sold. Everyone seems to love cake flavored with almond extract and having the added ingredients was, dare I say, the frosting on the cake!

Why not make a few cakes too. They keep in the freezer for several months and you’ll have them when you need them for a teacher’s gift, book club, Thanksgiving or the Food Pantry. It’s such an act of love to bake for someone and humbling to see their pleasure at receiving something you’ve made yourself from scratch. Let me know how your cakes turn out and if you have an inspiration for adding something new to the original Almond Cake recipe. I’d love to hear from you. You inspire me! Happy Baking!!!

Of course, I served the cakes on my beautiful melamine trays, the perfect size for the cakes. Look at the matching flower pots, perfect for plants, herbs or, because they are also melamine, safe for bread sticks, chips or any dry food. Life is good. And pretty!