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I can’t seem to throw out tiny jars that once-up-a-time held yogurt, jams or creams. They are just so cute! I always thought here must be something I can do with them.  And here it is! Tiny bouquets of flowers in these little jars dress up any space. Let’s get into Spring mode and make some mini floral bouquets.


These are some of the jars I’ve  collected. For this project I chose six jars of the same size, rinsed them out and filled them to the top with fresh water. Then I gathered my flowers, a scissors and parsley and began snipping away the excess stems.

Since the jars are small, I cut the flowers to about 5 inches tall. Tuck a larger flower in each jar then add smaller flowers around it. Even tiny buds looks really sweet in this arrangement.

The flowers looks so sweet but I thought it needed something green so I pulled out my parsley from the fridge and added a few sprigs here and there. I put the jars on my melamine tray, added some pastel candies and Hello Spring! Just in time for Easter.