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Recently I posted that I stopped at NEST in Sheboygan, one of my favorite shops. Since then I’ve made Susan’s Lemon Cake. Here’s the story and recipe:

NEST is a feast for the eyes, full of candles, bedding, cards, candy, jewelry, clothing and shelves full of cookbooks. I was immediately drawn to a cookbook about cakes, picked it up, and without looking at it too closely, I bought it. When I returned home and started reading the cookbook, I realized that every cake, cupcake, bar and cookie in this 378 page cookbook was made with CAKE MIX. I was intrigued. And when I read that Jamie Lee Curtis loved Susan’s Lemon Cake, page 161, I knew this had to be the first recipe I tired.

A New Take On Cake by Anne Byrn is an amazing cookbook because the cakes I have baked so far are absolutely delcious! Who would have thought adding extra eggs, pudding, jello or buttermilk to a cake mix could make such fabulous cakes! Susan’s Lemon Cake is baked in a beautiful bundt pan, it’s moist on the inside, a little crusty on the outside with a zesty lemon flavor throughout the cake enhanced by the tart lemon glaze drizzled over the top and into bundt crevices. I could see why Jamie Lee Curtis says this is her favorite cake. It is now mine also.