Paris Pastries Keep You Thin

Paris, one of the world’s most beautiful cities, also has some of the world’s most beautiful and delicious pastries. Entering a patiserrie is like entering an art gallery, each cake a work of art, each macaroon the color of a soft rainbow. There is a quiet awe when gazing at the perfect pastries and deciding […]

Falling for Fall

Summer is coming to an end with the recent appearance of the early signs of fall. In Door County, our September days have been warm and caressing, while the nights are so cool it makes me want to cozy up with a soft sweater and a good book. I love the brilliant colors of fall […]

Back-to-School Yummy & Healthy Treats

  Kids are going back to school! My son, Jon, a former chef, makes the most healthy yummy treats for my grand-daughter, Ava, to tuck into her leak proof Bentgo lunch box. Food just looks better and stays fresh and air tight in all the fun Bentgo compartments. (I may have to get one for […]

Come to My Brocante for Artful Treasures

Inspired by the brocante, a French outdoor flea market, I’ll be selling treasures under our shop tent on Saturday, September 1  from 9am – 1pm. Furniture, home decor, and many other artful “finds” will be for sale. We’ll be serving Paris tea, almond cake (of course!), and gifting our French Accent Cake Decor Kit to those […]


It might be the end of summer, but you can still have a picnic any time or anywhere. There’s something special about spreading a blanket on the grass and opening a picnic basket full of delicious and flavorful good food!  A picnic with family or friends is always a sure recipe for a fun memory-filled […]

Dog Days of Summer

What does “Dog days of summer” mean? Hot, sultry weather, flowers starting to fade in the garden, a sign that summer is coming to an end. The Greeks and Romans associated this time of year with thunderstorms, hot weather and mad dogs because Sirius, the brightest star in the constellation at this time, is called […]

Weight, Weight Don’t Tell Me

Weight…as women, in culture, we all struggle with weight issues. As we mature we seem to have even MORE weight issues. We may not be as active as when we were younger or our metabolism slows down and we can’t eat all the foods we used to LOVE to devour! One piece of cake and […]

Cupcakes: Sized for Decorating Fun

Cupcakes are the perfect portion size for birthdays, weddings, and large family get-togethers. I like to make them with my Almond Cake batter, adding a generous amount of icing on top, and then decorating them with a theme to match an occasion. It could be as simple as lemon zest for my Almond Lemon cupcakes […]

Christmas in July

Join us for Christmas in July: a preview of holiday decor and gifts for 2018!


Hearts are a timeless symbol of love. I’ve used heart images in my art throughout my career, beginning with simple hearts and tulips in my early folk art days; to heart collages, cards and paintings in subsequent years. Recently, I completed a series of heart collages made up of antique heart-shaped tart molds into which […]