The Giving Angel


The Giving Angel comes bearing gifts. She holds a heart shaped candy box and a bouquet of roses sprinkled with forget-me-nots, a flower that reminds us to remember she is always by our side. Although these are physical gifts, angels are with us every day offering gifts and insights that help us throughout our life time. We just need to take the time to see them. An angel gift might be a few words someone says that tend to go straight to our heart or a moment of quietness as we look up in awe at the night sky full of stars. The things that move us are the those things which need our conscious attention. That is when miracles happen.

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The Giving Angel has such a sweet happy face because she is about to give us some very special gifts. She is young, full of innocence and wisdom. The Giving Angel is from my personal Earth Angels collection. She is 10 inches tall, composed of cold cast resin and porcelain. Price 375.00


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