What does Christmas smell like? The fragrance of the fresh pine tree fills the air as loved ones decorate their Christmas tree. Before Christmas dinner the aroma of turkey and dressing waft through the house. The oven is on, and smell of gingerbread tops all that is special about the holiday season.

Gingerbread is a familiar treat in many countries, and although Germany is best known for its gingerbread, this spicy delicacy history goes back to the Middle East and France. Santa represents all of the nationalities, so this Gingerbread Santa brings gingerbread cookies to hang on trees in homes everywhere. Santa is coming to town.

“As I child I loved visiting my Oma, Grandmother, in Germany where we would visit the many bakeries. With my Oma I would enjoy a big cup of hot cocoa and gingerbread. Walking the streets of Munich, especially at Christmastime, would be a feast for the senses, with gingerbread smells throughout the air.” – Pipka

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The Gingerbread Santa is part of the Pipka Memories of Christmas collection. This was one of the first six collectible figurines produced in Pipka’s limited edition line. He is 11" tall and has his original box. The Gingerbread Santa is a wonderful figurine and it very RARE! The bell is missing on many pieces, so to find it intact is a great find. So, what a thrill to have this piece in pristine condition.
Gingerbread Santa 1995 collection (2255/3600) Signed


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