Cardinal Mug


Our Cardinal Mug is a favorite among collectors all over the country. This vibrant red mug calls out to be held, filled and used every day. Local potter, Liz Butler is inspired by the many birds that nest in her nearby trees. Cardinals send out a greeting every morning , prompting Liz to make this beautiful mug. The Cardinal Mug is another mug in Liz’s pregnant mug series. The little dimensional cardinal is perched inside a tree leaving a small bump inside the mug. A warm glaze and large handle make this mug so comfortable to hold. You will want to use every day.


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The Cardinal Mug is 4 3/8" tall. The handle is spacious enough for any size hand, large or small. The sides are slightly indented, perfect to wrap your hands around while drinking a hot coffee or tea.  Each mug is hand turned with the design carved into the mug. Liz adds a cardinal into her indentation, giving the mug a three dimensional look and feel. The Cardinal Mug is sure to become one of your favorite pieces of usable art.


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