Door County Spirit Rock


The shores of Lake Michigan are awash with smooth white rocks that have been churned and buffeted in its water for centuries. Door County artist, Ade, searches for all shapes and sizes on which to paint his intuitive designs. This tiny, perfectly round rock is only 1 3/8 inches in diameter and covered with an intricate design of stars, circles and dots. It requires a master to paint something this small with such detail. This tiny rock feels so good when held in the palm of the hand, its perfect symmetry soothing the mind and spirit.


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Door County is famous for its pristine Lake Michigan shoreline. In many coves you can find beautiful rocks that have been colliding with other rocks for ions, making them round and smooth.  When they are pushed onto the beach by powerful waves, they rest and capture the warmth of the sun.  Holding one of these rocks in your hands is like holding thousands of years of history.  Our artist, Ade, is a musician, teacher and traveler who hand paints each rock with precision. No two rocks are ever alike. He uses inks and paints to create intricate three dimensional mandala patterns as well as patterns that just seem to dance off the rock. He then coats each rock with a protective glaze. Place a rock or two in a bowl with your other collections, use one as a paper weight or just set one nearby where you can see it every day and admire its beauty.



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