Floral Metal Wreath


Our vintage Floral Metal Wreath is what one would expect to find at a Paris free market. Rustic and full of charm, this wreath is made up of delicate metal leaves and flowers. It will rust if you leave it outside but maintain its original patina if kept inside. Either way, it’s a show stopper. Add your own berries in the winter or dried flowers in the summer to make this a unique beautiful seasonal wreath. This is a limited edition wreath.

Our vintage Floral Metal Wreath is 19' in diameter. Delicate metal flowers and leaves are wound around a metal frame with room to tuck in your own dried or real blossoms. The gallery photos are of my own wreath which I've had outside all year and it has aged beautifully. Keep your wreath indoors our outside. Either way, it will be a romantic one-of-a-kind piece to add to your home or garden decor.


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