French Pere Noel


The French Santa known as Pere Noel, Father Christmas, is searching for you so he can bring you delightful gifts from France. His antique basket is filled with toys that represent French culture and Christmas traditions; a little Eiffel Tower, a ferris wheel, books, a creche and a chocolate Santa. Accompanied by his loyal mascot, a miniature poodle, Pere Noel will visit each home leaving these special gifts under the Christmas tree as he whispers “Joyeux Noel, mes enfants”.

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The French Pere Noel is from the Pipka Memories of Christmas collection. Pipka was inspired to design Pere Noel after numerous visits to Paris where she happily absorbed the culture and traditions of France. Pere Noel is 11" tall and comes with his own box. He will evoke your own memories of France if you've been fortunate enough to visit there. Or he may just inspire you to take that long wished for trip to Paris.


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