Here Comes Santa Claus Musical


At the turn of the century, the only way to experience music was through live performances. During the Christmas season, music was particularly cherished and could be heard in churches, carolers singing in the streets and family members joining in Christmas songs at home. Then in 1901, Eldridge Johnson developed the Victrola phonograph player and everything changed. Now people could listen to music on a disk that played music through the Victrola. This is one of my all time favorite Pipka pieces, not only because it’s a musical box too, but there is just so much detail on it that tells the story of music. My cat, Tigger, sits under the Victrola playing with a ball and a little mouse taps on a drum at Santa’s feet. Music is an important addition to our Christmas celebrations and Here Comes Santa Claus, the song played on the music box, will brings happy Christmas memories for years to come.

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