Knock, Knock Santa


Santa is about to knock on the door when a little boy suddenly opens it and sees Santa standing there. The awe and surprise on the child’s face is priceless, his eyes wide as he notices the toys on Santa’s back. It’s not every child that witnesses Santa’s arrival but this little boy is special. He was visiting Pipka’s shop when Santa decided to stop by. Santa and Pipka are close friends and it’s not unusual for Santa to call or pay her a visit. This is a day the little boy will remember forever, the day Santa came to visit.

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The Knock, Knock Santa and Door was inspired by the charming door of Pipka's shop in Door County, where Santa often came to visit. The Knock, Knock Santa and Door are sold as a set. Santa is 11" tall and both pieces are in their original boxes.  It is rare to find both the Santa and Door together.


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