Madrid Turquoise Tray with Napkins


Rich patterns derived from Spanish tiles are hand painted to fill every inch of this cheery tray. A rope border frames the flowers and leaves that dance around the tray. I can just see yogurt parfaits lined up for breakfast, pecan rolls, morning buns or chocolate chip banana bread. The matching napkins make the meal complete!  I like to bake my Almond Cake, set it on the tray and gift it to someone special; a neighbor, friend or someone in need.  It’s the perfect BAKE.SHARE.LOVE gift.


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When you first hold the tray, you'll think it's pottery, but NO, it's melamine!  It's sturdy yet graceful. A pretty tray you can use again and again. And don't worry, you can cut on this dishwasher safe tray without concern about scratches. What could be better! The tray measures 14" x 5".


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