Midnight Visitor Poster


Pipka began her career 45 years ago painting furniture in the Bavarian Folk Art style. Her European heritage and travels have been the constant inspiration for her work and it wasn’t long before she evolved to painting Santas of the World, Madonnas ( see her Madonna Journals), Angels and Flowers in a variety of mediums. In recent years, collage has been one of her favorite art forms, especially when mixed with her paintings.

Over the years, Pipka’s Christmas designs have been licensed to make Pipka’s Memories of Christmas Collectible figurines, hand painted ornaments and many more Christmas related items.


Now you can get a beautiful reproduction of Pipka’s original art of Midnight Visitor on a 13” x 19” poster. Printed on ivory linen, Pipka’s poster has the look and feel of her hand painted originals. When gifting a Pipka Poster, you may want to include Pipka’s matching  6” x 9” Midnight Visitor card. We hope you enjoy your autographed Pipka poster.
Poster: $25. Free Shipping.



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