Pipka Almond Cake Gift Set


Oh my! We’re so excited to  show you our NEW Pipka Almond Cake Gift Set. Now you can have all the necessary items to bake PIPKA’S famous, original Almond Cake. The Pipka Almond Cake Mix bakes up a moist, delicious cake. You just add the extract of your choice and wet ingredients, bake and enjoy. Then use Pipka’s German Almond Cake Pan to bake Door County Chocolate Cherry Almond Cake, Apricot Almond Cake or Lemon Citrus Cake, recipes which can be found in Pipka’s Orignal Almond Cake recipe book which is included in the gift set.  You’ll be able to have the perfect size tray for your cake because this gift set includes our Rustic Antique White Melamine tray. Yes, it looks like pottery, but it’s the indestructible and dishwasher safe. This set makes a beautiful gift, think Weddings, Showers, Birthdays, Mother’s Day and Christmas! Newly weds love getting the unique Pipka Almond Cake Gift Set and novice bakers like the simplicity of having everything you need to start baking a fantastic cake that everybody loves.

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Pipka's Almond Cake Pan is a favorite of bakers all over the country. Pipka includes her Almond Cake recipe with the pan as well as ideas for other variations of the basic recipe. Pipka's extracts are sold separately. Our Cake Mix bakes into the most delicious, moist cake. The tray is our most popular pattern from our Melamine collection, the cheerful colors will surely enhance your cakes, cookies or cupcakes. For more recipe ideas, see Pipka's Original Almond Cake Recipe Book, our hand made book filled with 40 recipes which all start with the basic Original Almond Cake Recipe.


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