Pipka Tulip Painted Flower Pot


Tulips have been popular folk art motifs for centuries, symbolizing fertility and religion in many cultures. My hand painted flower pot is decorated in authentic Bavarian folk art style with a bright, bold and colorful tulip as the central flower. The chrysanthemums are typical folk art flowers also, relying on brush stroke work to differentiate the layers of petals. A simple border adds decoration without competing with the larger design on the flower pot. This is another happy pot!

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The Tulip Flower Pot is 8 1/2" in diameter. It is a terracotta pot which has been base coated, decorated and varnished. It has a hole at the bottom for drainage. This pot is suitable for indoor our outdoor use. If using outdoors, it will weather and develop an aged patina. Use with a clear plastic tray.


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