Raggedy Ann and Andy Santa


Raggedy Ann is a character created by American writer Johnny Gruelle (1880–1938) that appeared in a series of books he wrote and illustrated for young children. Later Andy was introduced into the storybooks and the two became popular dolls which were often brought to children by Santa Claus at Christmas time. Pipka’s Raggedy Ann & Andy Santa shows the dolls as living children as Santa gives them lollipops and Christmas hugs while a little teddy bear in pajamas looks on. Just like the in the Raggedy Ann and Andy storybooks, the dolls come to life in the arms of Santa.

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Once in a while, in our 25 year history, we made a specialty Santa for the Pipka Collecible line. The Raggedy Ann and Andy Santa is one of those special pieces. He is 9" tall and will bring a smile to the little faces that see him.


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