Santas of the World


Now you can paint Santas of the World with Pipka’s 56 page book of color photos, patterns and step-by-step  instructions. Of course, he is not called “Santa” in other parts of the world; St. Nicholas, Julenissen, Grandfather Frost and the Julemand are just a few of the designs you’ll see in this Santas of the World book, as well as corresponding ornaments, history and even some recipes from the country that particular Father Christmas represents. The cover of Santas of the World shows St Nicolas with the Christkind from Germany, the country that gave us 90% of our Christmas traditions. There, St. Nicolas comes on St. Nicolas Day to fill children’s shoes with candy and treats. The Christkind, or Christ Child, is the bearer of gifts on Christmas Eve. During the early 1900’s, when penny postcards were the rage, artists depicted St. Nicolas and the Christkind together, thereby blending religion with tradition. This is one of Pipka’s favorite designs and was a favorite in her Memories of Christmas collectible line. Merry Christmas (all year round) and Happy Painting.


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