Sinter Klass


Pipka traveled to Amsterdam at Christmas time to discover the true traditions and image of Sinter Klass, the Dutch Santa. Sinter Klaas comes to the city in a boat on one of the city’s canals. Shops, offices and business come to a halt as people pour out of the buildings to welcome him. Dressed in Bishop attire, like the original St. Nicholas, he rides his faithful stallion through the streets of Amsterdam, past stores, cafes and bakeries, to the royal palace where the children are waiting to tell him their Christmas wishes and how good they have been the past year. This unique Santa comes with Black Peter, his every faithful travel companion.

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Sinter Klaas is really two figures in one,  Sinter Klass and the beautiful white stallion he sits upon. It is a gorgeous figurine to display at Christmas time and includes the rare, Black Peter, for an authentic representation of a Dutch sant. The set comes packed in their original boxes which include the story of Sinter Klaas, Black Peter and Hans and Katrina.


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