Starlight Santa and Sleigh


The Starlight Santa is skating across the frozen pond, pushing his ornate sleigh filled with toys and packages. His little companion, the Starlight Angel, guides Santa across the ice as they make their way to deliver gifts to children in the nearby villages. Santa’s windswept coat and beard tell us it is a blustery night while the angel sits calmly in the sleigh, oblivious to the elements around her, focused on the journey ahead. The presents will arrive in time for the children as these two travelers bravely forge ahead in the snow and ice on this star-lit night.

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This beautiful set of the Starlight Santa, Sleigh and Angel is gorgeous as a table centerpiece. Placed on a mirror, with snow, it looks like Santa is skating across a pond. Little tea lights add sparkle as he invokes Christmas magic. One of my favorite rituals at our Christmas dinner is to ask the question "What was your most memorable Christmas?". The answers can be joyful, sad, or humorous taking us back to early long forgotten childhood memories or a more recent Christmas.

The Starlight Santa is sold as a set. The pieces are sculpted to fit together at the base so Santa can rest his hand on the sleigh. It's unusual to find all three pieces together, intact, as the little angel that sits in the sleigh is extremely rare.


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