Teddy Bear Santa (6″ Figurine)


The Teddy Bear Santa is named after President Teddy Roosevelt, who was praised when he refused to shoot a bear during a hunting expedition. A toy manufacturer read this news and decided to make these cuddly toys. The President gave permission to use his name for the toy, and since that time, 1902, the teddy bear has been an all-time favorite toy for every child. The Teddy Bear Santa holds an armful of these fizzy bears, ready to be part of a child’s world. Their wide, toothy gins make a smile spread to our faces – cuddly we’re children again! Full of anticipation about the magic of Christmas. The Teddy Bear Santa captures the sweet innocence of the season.

For Teddy Bear lovers and great for a child's room. 6" Limited Edition figurine. Reflections of Christmas collection series. #7689/9700


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