The Caring Santa Limited Edition Figurine


The Caring Santa is a gentle and kind man who goes about his work with quiet dignity. His message is one of concern and compassion to all. The Caring Santa pauses on his Christmas journey to greet a little boy whose leg is in a cast. As we view this scene, our first thought is that Santa is giving the young boy a very special gift, a 1940 New York Line Circle Plane! What a treasure. But upon closer observation, we wonder if the boy has just given his favorite toy to Santa. Who is the giver and who is the receiver? Just as in everyday life, the answer is not always clear. Both giver and receiver benefit from an act of kindness, especially at Christmas time.

The Caring Santa. Limited edition collection. He is 11' tall, is #3580 and comes with the original box. Box is in good shape, label is damaged. See picture.


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